Trio Visit Boston

Highlights of Boston tour were four—
in order of undeniable preference:
1. Lobster and Oyster Dinner at Ye Olde Union Oyster House
2. Unsuccessful search for Paul Revere’s house in the dark
3. Befuddled driving on circular, forking roads of Boston city
4. Parking in Boston

Elaborating No.4
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Blythe’s Reed Warbler

#Napowrimo 2020 #Early Bird prompt Tiny body, restless as thought Hopping on verdant boughs Flitting past my blindness Until arrow swift flight Jabs my consciousness Couldn’t be accident That I found your nest In the fold of two leaves Of … Continue reading

The Wife

She scratched her sparse grey scalp. God’s hurried hand had sketched her hair— Straight lines merged at the apology of a bun. A small white rose pinned with two thin pins Atop the knot, proclaimed pride in womanhood. Her too-large … Continue reading