The Dichotomy

Beckoning finger of dream job or

Vaunted foreign-university roster –

A lodestar shining bright.

Grasping dreams, the young fly,

Crossing land and oceans with delight,

Eagerly embracing the ‘worthy’ future.

Hearts full of joy, and sorrow, yes pity –

Leaving friends and parents behind

Feeling envious or immense with pride.

Flying to the Land of Opportunity;

Leaving their own country far in their wake.

Once The Golden Bird, now best to forsake.


Decade or two later,

A new family surrounds,

Responsibilities abound;

There’s a one-eighty degree

Shift in perspective –

Thoughts homewards wing.

Though settled this land for years,

And quite filled with approbation

For its culture and work ethics;

Knowing, no other would suit as well;

The Heart, for nebulous reasons,

For the motherland, yearns.


Envious friends, back at that home of chequered history,

Behind doors, gnash their teeth,

And sigh o’er lost dreams wistfully.

Those who, quite sanctimoniously,

Avowed their patriotism, fidelity,

Pondered possibilities of the migrants’ suffering

Under racial discrimination or economy failure.

Once in middle age though, with decades under the belt

Dealing with ubiquitous politics, Babus and the bureaucracy,

Deeply rooted corruption, pitted roads and traffic congestion,

Applaud the migrants’ decision and regret their own naiveté.


All regret choices, never searching within

For the will to bring about a revolution.


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