Chennai Floods 2015

flood 2015-1

The rains brought cheer

Summer relief and schools on leave.

But when the floods rolled in, oh God no!

Too much, too much…

Will someone shut tight the tap please?

The water levels rose

And I mourned for the people

in flooded shanties…

Then the flood entered my villa home;

I watched paralysed, mind frozen.

The level rose quickly

By evening—four feet deep.

I watched my furniture rise

And float tilted in muddy water;

Struggled to drag out an inverter

Smoking, dying a painfully drawn-out wailing death;

Grappled with my large fridge

But it insisted on floating on its back… 

We retreated to the first floor

Cooked there, ate and slept,

Wondering whether the flood would find us by morning…

But the water receded

In three days of tackling snakes and centipedes.

Heaving a sigh of relief

Called the cleaners and relaxed that eve.

My trial, I found, wasn’t at an end;

It rained all that night…

Next morning I watched the water

Flood in though the drains

Seep in between the marble flooring slabs… 


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