Chennai Floods 2015

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The Tadpoles Didn’t See

Three pairs of feet plopped in
and the tadpoles scurried
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Fleeting Beauty


When Sun bows to Horizon,

And Sky is brilliantly hued,

Evening Light hitting Shard of Glass

Draws sparks like blood imbued.


No gem ever had such a gleam,

No ruby such life like class,

No diamond fine from any mine

Passed under any jewellers’ glass.


Such pure flame of fire blazed,

Licking through its glistening heart,

I simply stood in awe amazed,

Beholding God’s transcendental art.


How can any stone or metal compete

Guarded and buried deep in a vault?

Here in Nature’s gallery,

For those who see no fault,

God has scattered liberally

Beauty for all worthy of his salt.


My beauteous Shard of Glass I recall,

Stood atop a boundary wall;

Ever on guard in a cruel jagged row,

With contingents of siblings in tow;

Sternly doing his perilous duty,

Contemptuous of fleeting claims to beauty.