Her Flight

Her dreams soared high,
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An Ode to the Beginning

Fate (Feb 1989)

When sleep steals over half the world

And my body rests in slumberous repose;

I then wander into my private land:

My dream land.


A land of sweet dreams,

Ecstatic hopes and fantasies;

Where castles may be built of air

But each stone is laid with love and care.


Each steeple I build there touches the sky;

Each bird I hear sings harmoniously;

Each flower there bears a smile;

My heart is at last quiet happy.


So I lie on my bed,

Think in rapture and sigh;

What does not suit me,

I erase and supply.


Then suddenly with thunder rolling

And lightening flashing;

(Not that she needs moral support)

Fate appears at my side.


Fatimah, Nemesis, Kismet …

How many names she has!

Just as many ways and methods

She employs to wreck my dreamland.


With flowing black hair

And silver eyes flashing;

Quiet calmly she descends,

Right into my wandering.


I shrink back in fear

And watch her diabolical eyes

Reflect the colour

And glory of my land.


She surveys the vistas before her

With malicious delight;

Then raises her sceptre and ruthlessly

Sweeps everything down with careless might!


In one fell swoop my crystal domes are shattered;

My steeples all bent and pointing towards hell;

The flowers have all dried and clouds

Hang heavy in the sky!


Instead of my fantasies now

I gaze at a laughing face.

Her diamond chip eyes shining with glee;

While I struggle in vain to set my dreams free.


Fate, She must be a beautiful siren

To get away with this disgrace!