The Human Spirit

Depthless reservoir of strength glimpsed on the toughest paths.
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Fleeting Beauty


When Sun bows to Horizon,

And Sky is brilliantly hued,

Evening Light hitting Shard of Glass

Draws sparks like blood imbued.


No gem ever had such a gleam,

No ruby such life like class,

No diamond fine from any mine

Passed under any jewellers’ glass.


Such pure flame of fire blazed,

Licking through its glistening heart,

I simply stood in awe amazed,

Beholding God’s transcendental art.


How can any stone or metal compete

Guarded and buried deep in a vault?

Here in Nature’s gallery,

For those who see no fault,

God has scattered liberally

Beauty for all worthy of his salt.


My beauteous Shard of Glass I recall,

Stood atop a boundary wall;

Ever on guard in a cruel jagged row,

With contingents of siblings in tow;

Sternly doing his perilous duty,

Contemptuous of fleeting claims to beauty.


Experiments with Haiku, Senryu

1. Woman’s Best Friend

Breeze on my face

New scent tickling his muzzle –

A perfect walk


2. Summer Heat

Blade of golden grass

Under boot buckled in brass

Trampled – hopeless, dying.


Scorching Sun,

Quivering yellowed grass –

Forest ablaze.


3. On Stage

knees jitterbugging,

sweat beading, hearts thumping while

in the wings waiting,

my son takes his bow on stage

happy confidence oozing


4. Outside

Stone boundary wall

Edged with glittering shards of glass

Field of grass beyond

Stretching, at the horizon

A line of office buildings

My world encompassed

An Ode to the Beginning

Fate (Feb 1989)

When sleep steals over half the world

And my body rests in slumberous repose;

I then wander into my private land:

My dream land.


A land of sweet dreams,

Ecstatic hopes and fantasies;

Where castles may be built of air

But each stone is laid with love and care.


Each steeple I build there touches the sky;

Each bird I hear sings harmoniously;

Each flower there bears a smile;

My heart is at last quiet happy.


So I lie on my bed,

Think in rapture and sigh;

What does not suit me,

I erase and supply.


Then suddenly with thunder rolling

And lightening flashing;

(Not that she needs moral support)

Fate appears at my side.


Fatimah, Nemesis, Kismet …

How many names she has!

Just as many ways and methods

She employs to wreck my dreamland.


With flowing black hair

And silver eyes flashing;

Quiet calmly she descends,

Right into my wandering.


I shrink back in fear

And watch her diabolical eyes

Reflect the colour

And glory of my land.


She surveys the vistas before her

With malicious delight;

Then raises her sceptre and ruthlessly

Sweeps everything down with careless might!


In one fell swoop my crystal domes are shattered;

My steeples all bent and pointing towards hell;

The flowers have all dried and clouds

Hang heavy in the sky!


Instead of my fantasies now

I gaze at a laughing face.

Her diamond chip eyes shining with glee;

While I struggle in vain to set my dreams free.


Fate, She must be a beautiful siren

To get away with this disgrace!